Below is a list of preferred trade providers that may be of assistance to our clients. Feel free to contact TAHI Services any time with additional questions or concerns. We are always available to our clients and agents.


The companies and tradesmen listed below are provided as a courtesy to our clients. No referral fees or compensation to TAHI Services PLLC are offered or accepted for providing this information. TAHI Services does not guarantee the workmanship or professionalism of the below listed companies. All referred companies are vetted and company research is performed prior to inclusion in this list.


Anything Around the House (Full Service Remodel and Repair) 512-577-9228 Licensed, bonded with a solid reputation. Industry standard pricing. Gary Niven – Hole-In-One Handyman (Handyman/Remodel) 512-554-9776 Gary has been a trusted handyman to several of my clients and family members for several years. Quality work at industry standard prices. Dan Summerlin (Carpentry/Remodel) 512-762-3606 Dan is an amazing carpenter and remodeler. I have worked with him and seen many of his projects. Very skilled, highly sought after and is typically booked weeks in advance. Prime Wall Systems (Stucco, Interior Walls, Stone) 512-869-6509 Kevin Maxwell and his team is trusted and used by a local contractor who we work with regularly. I have not personally worked with Prime; but the company comes very well recommended and reviewed.


Coby Osborne - Osborne Engineering (Professional Structural Engineering) 512-964-6117 Coby is a fully licensed professional engineer. I have worked with Coby on several projects. His knowledge and professionalism is impressive. Superior Foundation Repair - Steel Pier Stabilization (Professional Foundation Repair) 512-320-1911 Superior is a mid-sized foundation repair company servicing Central Texas. Unlike most local foundation companies, Superior only installs steel piers (as opposed to pressed pilings - stacked concrete piers). Steel piers are generally accepted as a more permeant foundation repair. Superior is often recommended by local engineers and maintain a solid reputation. Prices matches the increased costs of their material and methods. Enrique Comparan - Co-Owner, Centex Foundation Repair (Professional Foundation Repair) 512-444-5438 Centex is the largest foundation repair company in Central Texas. They typically offer lifetime, transferable warranties on their work and have honored those warranties on several previous projects I have been involved with (Centex uses concrete pressed pilings which occasionally do fail over time). I recommend working directly with Enrique if possible. Centex is a well known company with industry standard pricing.


Allan Seekatz - IHS Landscaping (Full Servicing, Professional Landscaping) 512-461-6730 IHS is a fully licensed and bonded landscaping company. Professional work at industry standard prices. Austin Affordable Gutters 512-336-5592 A-Affordable has worked with several of my clients. Professional installation at competitive rates. Hill Country Seamless Gutters 512-736-7087 hcgutters@austin.rr.com Hill Country is a rain gutter installation company used by my roofer. I have not worked directly with this company; but they come well recommended. Lakeline Gutters 512-259-8264 www.lakelinegutters.com Lakeline is a rain gutter installation company used by my roofer. I have not worked directly with this company; but they come well recommended.


Victoria Toler – The Roof Lady LLC (Full Service Roofing) 512-785-7767 I have worked with Victoria and her crew several times. Great work done in a timely fashion at a fair price. Ja-Mar Roofing (Full Service Roofing and Sheet Metal) 512-441-8437 Ja-Mar is a mid-large sized company well known in the industry for their specialization in metal, commercial, and high-end residential roofing. Ja-Mar carries an A+ rating with the BBB and has an impressive project portfolio. I have not worked directly with Ja-Mar; but have researched the company and consulted with the owner, David Philips. Ja-Mar is a fully licensed and bonded company at industry standard prices.


Deruiter Insulation (Full Service Blown and Foam Experts) 512-834-0551 Kurt Deruiter, owner, is known to be the foremost expert on foam insulation in the Central Texas area. Great reputation at industry standard prices.


Quality Custom Decks (Full Service Decking Experts) 512-657-3763 I have not worked directly with QCD, however, they come well recommended.


Jed Jordan - Texas Electrical Services of Austin (Full Service Electrical) 512-608-1948 Texas Electrical is a full service residential electrical company. My brother, Jed Jordan, is employed with this company. Jed has worked with the owners for many years in the commercial and residential industry. Requesting Jed is advised as I am absolutely confident in his skills and professionalism. Tim Putman – Putman Electrical (Full Service Electrician) 512-751-0340 Tim is a master electrician. Fully licensed insured and bonded. I have worked with Tim on several projects. Very good work at industry standard prices. HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING: Texas Air Specialists (Full Service HVAC) 512-736-6839 Texas Air Specialists are a mid-sized HVAC company. They are very quick to respond and typically schedule a servicing within 24 hours. I have worked and several projects with Texas Air and am always impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. Fully licensed and bonded. Industry standard pricing. Ruben Coronado – Tex Air (Full Service HVAC) 512-563-7505 Ruben has worked with many of my clients. I have received great feedback and personally use Ruben for my HVAC needs. Fully licensed and bonded. Competitive pricing.


Jonathan Betak – Asics Plumbing (Full Service Plumbing) 512-228-8568 Jonathan is a master plumber. Fully licensed insured and bonded. I have worked with Jonathan on several projects. Very good work at industry standard prices. Clarke Kent Plumbing - Full Service Plumbing and Inspection 512-477-2200 Fully licensed insured and bonded, CK is a mid-sized company with a well known reputation throughout Central Texas. I have worked on several projects with Clarke Kent (often called to further assess plumbing - static testing). A knowledgable and professional firm with industry standard pricing.


TAHI Services (Termite/WDI Inspection and Remediation) 512-788-1001 I am the owner of TAHI Services (parent company to The Austin Home Inspector). My remediation services cover residential treatments and inspections of termites and wood destroying insects. All treatments include a 1-Year warranty. Fully licensed and insured at industry standard prices. Worldwide Pest Control (Full Service Pest Control) 512-476-2847 I work directly with Worldwide and refer all pest control jobs outside my scope of service to them. Worldwide maintains a solid reputation and performs professional work at industry standard prices.


Ideal Pool Solutions (Pool/Spa Design, Repair, Servicing) 512-587-2911 Curt Beaird, owner of IPS, has worked with several of my clients. Very professional and honest. Solid work at fair prices.


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