• Steps to clean 315I Undercounter Icemaker
  • How to clean a 315I ice maker
  • How to clean out an Undercounter Ice Maker model 315I
  • Part 7002609


Sub-Zero recommends cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces that come in contact with the water system every six months.
  • 315I cleaner, part number 7002609, is not available through the online accessory store
  • Cleaning solution for the 315I can only be purchased through a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.
To clean the 315I Ice Maker:
  1. Open the door and turn the ice maker control knob to OFF.
  2. Scoop out all of the ice and discard it or save it in an ice chest or cooler.
  3. Pour four ounces of Sub-Zero ice maker cleaner into the ice maker reservoir.
  4. Turn the ice maker control to ON, the cycle takes about two hours.
  5. After the cycle completes, pour hot water 95˚F–115˚F (35˚C–45˚C) into the ice storage bin to melt the white, frosty ice that formed.
  6. Mix some ice maker cleaner and hot water use it to scrub any mineral scale off the ice storage bin liner.
  7. Rinse the liner with hot water.
  8. Make a sanitizing solution one ounce of household bleach and two gallons of hot 95˚F–115˚F (35˚C–45˚C) water.
  9. Using the sanitizer, wipe the ice storage bin interior after the ice making system is clean and the ice storage bin is empty.
  10. Pour some of the sanitizer down the drain and allow it to air dry.
  11. Use a clean cloth and wipe the interior of the ice storage bin with the sanitizing solution.
  12. Replace the ice removed in step 2 if desired.
  13. Wash the ice scoop regularly with soap and water.
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Refer to the product use and care guide for further information. COMPANY SITE CLICK HERE

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