-Our company has full Supra Box access. No CBS codes are required.
-We do not require that the home owner vacate the premises during the inspection process, however, all information that may be provided to our clients while on site must be confidential per licensing and contract agreements.
-Fees to return to a property due to issues outside the control of the seller and/or listing agent are typically waived. A fee of $150.00 to return to a property is applied if the re-inspection is due to errors/incorrect information considered to be within the responsibility of the seller/listing agent.
-We are always willing to speak with listing agents given approval and following limitations provided by the clients and client's agent/broker.
-At TAHI, we aim to maintain the highest degree of respect for your client's property and privacy. If any issues arise during the inspection, we will reach out immediately. If a property is not left in proper condition after an inspection, please call our main office at your soonest convenience and the concern will be addressed as needed and, when possible, to the satisfaction of the property owner. -If you and/or you company have not worked with TAHI Inspections (The Austin Home Inspector), please feel free to contact us for an Introductory Discount. We always appreciate the opportunity to work with new agents and clients.
-Ensure All Pertinent Contact Information is Provided: Agents, Clients, Additional Parties
-Ensure Access to the Property is Provided: Supra Box, Combo, Owner On Site
-Ensure Access to Mechanical/Structural Areas are Free of Blockage: Attics, Crawlspaces
-Ensure Any Special Instructions are Provided: Security Codes, Pets In House, Recent Updates
-Any Areas to Avoid: Example, 'Dishwasher Leaks. Please Do Not Run.'
-Raise Window Blinds if Possible: Reduces Likelihood of Blind Damage
-Remove Clutter if Possible: Improve Inspection Completion Time
-Leave Contact Info if Not Present: We Will Call/Text When Complete
-Feel Free to Contact Us with Questions/Concerns: We Are Always Willing to Assist to the Best of Our Ability

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