The noted costs estimates included below are rough and approximate ranges for basic work in typical conditions. The estimates should only be used for preliminary planning and gaining a basic and general idea of possible costs. The information in this post should not be used as substitutes for quotes from qualified trade specialists. TAHI Services strongly advises that our clients contact reputable professionals for an accurate assessment of project costs. COMMON HOURLY RATES BY TRADE: Professional Insured Handyman: $80-$100/Hour Professional Carpenter/Repair Specialist: $80-$100/Hour Professional Licensed Electrician: $125-$150/Hour Professional Licensed HVAC Specialist: $85-$110/Hour Professional/Licensed Plumbing Specialist: $150-$170/Hour Professional Sprinkler/Irrigation/Gutter Specialist: $70-$100/Hour Professional Appliance Repair Specialist: $85-$120/Hour Professional Pool/Spa Specialist: $90-$125/Hour COMMON RATES FOR SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS - EVALUATION/CONSULTATION:  Structural Engineer Hired to Assess Foundation (No Stamped Documents): $400-$500 Structural Engineer Hired to Assess Foundation (With Stamped Documents): $600-$800 Foundation Repair Estimator Assessment: Free Estimate-$100 Assessment and Consultation with Landscaping/Irrigation Specialist: $150-$250 Professional Roofing Assessments: Free Estimates-$150 Assess Electrical System/Areas of Concern: Free Estimate-$150 HVAC Pressure/System Testing: $85-$200 Assess Plumbing System/Areas of Concern: Free Estimate-$170 Plumbing Camera/Static Testing of Sewer Lines (Plumber): $350-$475 Pool/Spa Assessment/Report/Estimates: $150-$375 REPAIR COSTS FOR COMMON STRUCTURAL/MATERIAL ISSUES:  -Replace Exterior Siding Trim: Set/Up and 1st 10' of Trim = $275 (Add $25 for Each Additional 10' of Trim Replaced) -Single Repair of Siding/Trim Damage (Less Than 5 Square Feet): $350 -Caulking/Sealing/Minor Repairs Throughout Exterior Siding: $1200-$2500 (Depending on Condition and Type of Material) -Paint Exterior of Home: $1.80-$2.50 Per Finished Square Foot -Paint Interior of Home: $2.25-$3.00 Per Finished Square Foot -Replace Failed Window Seals: Average Size/Shape Window = $225-$280 Per Pane -Power Wash and Re-Stain/Seal a Deck: $2.25-$3.50/Square Foot -Replace Damaged Sheet Rock Wall (1 Area of Damage 12'' Diameter or Less): $250-$345 REPAIR COSTS FOR COMMON ROOFING/MATERIAL ISSUES: -Remove Roofing Material and Replace Composition Shingles: $3.50-$5.00/Square Foot -Caulking/Sealing Updates at Roof Exits and Minor Spot Repairs/Updates: $300-$500 -Flashing Updates at Isolated Areas (Less Than 10'): $500-$700 -Full Replacement of Loose Screws (Metal Roof - Standard Size Home): $2300-$2800 -Replacement of Modified Roll Roofing (Flat Roof): $600-$800/ Per 100 Square Feet

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