Below are links to products and services that would benefit any home or building. The products linked have been researched and maintain a solid reputation, however, various similar products and providers are available. TAHI is not affiliated with any of the product or stores linked in this article. Additional product research and price comparison is recommended.


Hair and Grease - Drain Cleaner and Opener
This chemical is similar to better known products such as Drain-O, however, Hair and Grease is substantially stronger and generally preferred by plumbing professionals. It should be kept out of reach from children and pets as it can be painful/harmful if not properly used (read all safety notifications).

All Purpose Spill Clean Up Powders
This product can be quickly applied to areas in the event of a spill to reduce potential damage

Waterproof Cabinet Liners with Raised Edges
Additional protection from common leaks and spills


Wifi Enabled Leak and Freeze Detector
Easy to install system monitors designed to alert homeowners of moisture and environmental issues

Plumbing Leak Monitoring and Shut Off System
These product monitor for indicators of leaks within the supply plumbing system. The device can be engaged automatically (if a leak is detected) or via a connected app.

Spill Response Kits
These kits can be placed in an easily accessible location for use in the event of an unexpected leak or spill.

Floor Fans
Floor fans can drastically reduce water related damage to building material in the event of an unexpected leak event.


Whole House Surge Protector
These devices can improve protection of the home and electrical equipment (installed at main panel by a licensed electrician)

Smart Smoke / Gas Detectors
The advantages of smart smoke/gas detectors are not a requirement, but can improve home comfort and interconnect with additional smart devices. These devices provide a warning prior to initiating the alarm (you can cancel the alarm if you burn the toast). Nest equipment can be linked to smart irrigation controllers which will turn on your sprinkler system if a fire emergency is detected.

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