CLICK HERE FOR FULL DOCUMENT REFERENCED MATERIAL - INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL M1305.1.3 Appliances in attics. Attics containing appliances requiring access shall be provided with an opening and a clear and unobstructed passageway large enough to allow removal of the largest appliance, but not less than 30 inches (762 mm) high and 22 inches (559 mm) wide and not more than 20 feet (6096 mm) long when measured along the centerline of the passageway from the opening to the appliance. The passageway shall have continuous solid flooring in accordance with Chapter 5 not less than 24 inches (610 mm) wide. A level service space at least 30 inches (762 mm) deep and 30 inches (762 mm) wide shall be present along all sides of the appliance where access is required. The clear access opening dimensions shall be a minimum of 20 inches by 30 inches (508 mm) by 762 mm), where such dimensions are large enough to allow removal of the largest appliance. Exceptions: 1. The passageway is not required where the level service space is present when the access is open, and the appliance can be serviced and removed through the required opening. 2. Where the passageway is unobstructed and not less than 6 feet high (1929 mm) and 22 inches wide for its entire length, the passageway shall not be limited in length. 3. In existing structures the access opening shall be large enough for removal and replacement of the largest piece of the equipment.

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