COMPANY INFORMATION - POTENTIAL INSPECTORS Thanks for your interest in working with us at Greenbelt Structural and The Austin Home Inspector (TAHI). We are a small, growing firm servicing the Central Texas area. Along with real estate inspections, our company and parent companies offer: -WDI (Termite) Inspections and Termite Treatment/Remediation Services -Pre-Market Assessments and Seller Consulting -New Construction Phase Inspections -Investigations of Property Issues/Concerns -Thermal Camera Assessments -Plumbing Camera Assessments -Mold Inspections/Assessments -Investor Assessments and Consultations -Drone Flight Assessments -Commercial Inspections COMPANY BENEFITS AND PAY SCALES - POTENTIAL INSPECTORS Here at TAHI Services, we offer the most competitive payout percentages in the industry. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with highly qualified inspectors and newly licensed inspectors who have exceptional potential to grow in the inspection industry. Some of the benefits of working with TAHI include, but are not limited to: -Paid Training/Apprenticeship: 15% of Inspection Fee During Training Period -Low Percentage Split on All Jobs: 80% Average Payout -Termite Inspector (Applicator Tech) Licensing and Insurance Covered By TAHI -All Insurance Coverage Paid By TAHI (Over $1,000,000 in Coverage) -Opportunity for Additional Licensing and Services Offered -Complete Independence: You Set Your Own Schedule -App and Reporting Software Access: In-House Report Writing Platform -Financial Benefits for Building Your Own Client and Agent List -Repayment Program to Assist in the Purchase of Tools and Equipment WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU - POTENTIAL INSPECTORS Members of the TAHI team are expected to operate and perform as business owners and entrepreneurs. Andy Jordan, the company principal, entered into this field, in large part, out of passion for independence and the desire to build a business that surpasses the status quo. For this reason, we expect our fellow members to operate completely independently, professionally, and with a focus on self-reliance, business growth, and superb client satisfaction. To accomplish this mission, we expect the following from our members: -Exceptional Communication With Clients and Agents -Ability to Speak and Write in a Professional Manner -Above Average Inspection Services and Reports -Availability to Consult With Clients After the Inspection is Complete -A Strong Drive to Market Yourself and Build Your Own Client/Agent List -Desire to Grow and Improve in Your Industry -Ability to Operate Independently, Set/Meet Your Own Goals BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS AND INDEPENDENCE: We work to ensure our inspectors and consultants remain with TAHI as long as possible. We accomplish this by offering a value to our members that far surpasses the percentages we collect. In our spirit of independence, we assist all members in forming their personal companies and building skills to grow as a business owner as well as an inspector.



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