1) Splash Stones: Block designed to divert water (easily installed - minor recommendation)
Inline image 1Inline image 2
No Splash Stones                Example of Splash Stones
2) Slope Issue: The front rain gutter (over garage) was retaining water (water collecting at the opposite end of the drain exit).
Inline image 5Inline image 4
3) Sealing Items at Roof - General/Preventative Maintenance Recommendations (Caulk and seal to protect material from issues/future moisture entry)
Inline image 7Inline image 6
Inline image 8
4) Upstairs Bedroom Door Not Latching and is uneven - adjust so door properly latches
Inline image 10Inline image 9
5) Attic Light: I don't have a picture of this. All that is likely needed is placing a light bulb in the fixture.

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