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SCHEDULING ALL JOBS: -All jobs should be scheduled through Calendy/online scheduler. If a call comes in, open the scheduler (through our website) and fill in information for the client. Do not instruct client to go to site and do it themselves (good way to loose a job). PHONE SCHEDULING PROTOCOL: These steps MUST be completed for each job. Any job scheduled before 3:00pm must have  all steps completed same day. Any job scheduled after 3:00pm must have all steps completed by 10:30am the following day. Admin must manage time appropriately to ensure these deadlines are met consistently. If, for any reason, deadlines cannot be met, the lead inspector or supervising inspector (me) should be notified ASAP. STEP #1 - Landing the Job Ensure all pertinent information is received and client is given proper service options based on type of structure (Phone scripts at bottom of post): -ADDRESS OF ADDRESS TO BE INSPECTED -CLIENT FULL NAME/EMAIL/PHONE NUMBER -NAME OF AGENT AND PHONE/EMAIL INFO (IF CONTACT NOT KNOWN - FIND ONLINE) -APPX. SQUARE FOOTAGE: -APPX. AGE OF STRUCTURE: (See Below if Structure Over 15 years) -TYPE OF STRUCTURE (SINGLE FAMILY/DUPLEX/CONDO/ECT.) -ANY SPECIFIC CONCERNS OR KNOWN ISSUES: -DO YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING THE INSPECTION: If Yes: Suggest arriving appx. 30 minutes prior to completion If No: let them know that we can consult over the phone and will be available throughout the sales process and beyond -HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US: -SUGGEST THE APPROPRIATE INSPECTION TYPE: NOTE: If the client schedules online without calling in, skip to step 2. understand that you may need to suggest changes if client incorrectly scheduled or may need additional services.   STEP #2 - Sending the Paperwork Directly after booking (online or over phone), send out authorization agreement (dousign) and invoice ( quickbooks - or receipt if client authorized payment and gave cc info - destroy cc info after payment goes through). Since we are always using Calendy, confirmation email is not required as all the info is sent via Calendy. NOTE: If there is missing information (client didn't fill out online info correct), you may need to call the client or agent to get needed info (emails/address/etc). STEP #3 - Get Agents in the Loop You will need to send a 'notice of inspection' email to the both the listing and buyer's agent (an email template has been created). Listing agent information can be found using the MLS website. NOTE: There is additional info you'll want from MLS. See below If you don't have the clients agent's email (but have a name), search online. This will usually get you a phone number (Google: Susan Example Agent Austin Realty). You can also search my email history (if you have access). STEP #3 - Confirming and Customer Service Directly after sending out all paperwork, ACTUAL phone calls have to be made (I know! Real human interaction is SO scary). -Call Client: confirm that paperwork was received or let them know it should be in their inbox. Remind them to sign/pay prior to or on date of inspection and ask if there is anything else we can do to assist. -Call Client's Agent: Confirm that agent received email with inspection information. Ask the following questions: -Do you or the clients plan on attending? If Yes: Suggest arriving appx. 30 minutes prior to completion If No: let them know that we can consult over the phone and will be available throughout the sales process and beyond -Any specific issues, concerns, or instructions for us? End With: If any issues or concerns arise, feel free to contact us anytime. Otherwise, we look forward to working with you. NOTE: If the listing agent was included in the 'Notice of Inspection' email, no need to reach out by phone. ADDITIONAL STEPS: INFO TO PUT IN CALENDAR FOR INSPECTORS Most info will automatically upload into the google calendar via Calendy. However, there is some additional info that admin will need to manually insert: -Any missing information that wasn't placed in Calendy -From MLS: Disclosure documents (add as an attachment) -Verify Square Footage/Identify any additional concerns that may affect pricing -Seller's Agent Contact Info -Insert Time to Jobsite (from house of inspector) -Insert any important info collected during phone conversations (if applicable) -This can be actual data or just a heads up (ex. Client has super thick accent, client seems really nervous - asked if we pay for repairs if things missed on inspection) AT THIS POINT THE INSPECTION IS BOOKED. ALL ADDITIONAL COMMUNICATION CAN BE HANDLED BY THE LEAD INSPECTOR.  INSPECTORS: If a client/agent contacts you directly to schedule, You can confirm the inspection (if you are sure you have availability) and take basic information, but ensure the actual scheduling is routed through admin. A few ways this can be done: -Client/Agent Calls: Patch Over to Admin (Conference Call Feature on iPhone), Block Spot on Calendar and Call/Text Admin to complete (request admin call/text when scheduling complete to verify) -Client/Agent Emails: Confirm availability and cc admin. Explain that admin will be sending out additional information shortly. Admin will text/call/email inspector as needed to confirm all scheduling processes are complete. INSPECTORS: AFTER THE INSPECTION - COURTESY CALL TO CLIENT/LISTING AGENT The client and agent should receive a call directly following sending of your report. This is to ensure reports have been received (or should have been received) and to ask if there are any questions/concerns/areas we could assist with. NOTE: This is VERY important. This phone call can likely nip many problems in the bud and ensure we're doing everything in our power to leave the client feeling as if we were taking the best care possible to earn our pay. It can also be used in the event that a client attempts to say we didn't do our job. If we give a clear opportunity to explains grievances, we can handle it before it becomes an issue. INSPECTORS: AFTER THE INSPECTION COURTESY CALL TO SELLER'S AGENT A call to the sellers agent should take place directly following the completion of the inspection (I often do this as I leave the house - number typically on the 'For Sale' sign). This quick call in conjunction with the 'Notice of Inspection' email is likely going to be the cheapest and easiest way to start building a base of agents. Many of the selling agents will be new to our company and this level of personal attention will not only impress, but allow the agent to easily put your number in their phone. SCRIPTS TO HELP DURING PHONE CONVERSATIONS -SCRIPT FOR STANDARD JOB SCHEDULING: Our standard service, the All Points Inspection with WDI, is a 600+ point inspection of the structure and mechanical systems. Our inspectors do not perform representative samples. We attempt to inspect every portion of the home that is available to us. The All Points inspection also includes a foundation survey analysis. Along with the visual inspection of the foundation, our inspectors use a piece of equipment known as a Ziplevel, the same equipment used by foundation repair companies and engineering firms. This equipment is used to take a relative height survey of the structure which allows our inspectors to determine the overall difference in foundation elevations. The all points inspection will also include a limited thermal camera analysis of structure and various system components. Thermal cameras are helpful in locating heat abnormalities which could indicate energy efficiency issues, air loss at A/C ducts, excess heat at electrical components, and possible moisture issues. A WDI, also known as a termite inspection will take place as well. All our inspectors are licensed to inspect and treat for termites. A cleared report will include a 1-year treatment warranty. If issues are discovered, discounted treatment plans are available. Generally, WDI reports are required for VA and FHA loans and recommended for any structure over 5 years old. For a structure of this age/type the All Points Inspection is priced at (Insert Cost) and the WDI is an additional (cost). The total is (cost). This price includes all taxes and fees. Shall I book you? SCRIPT IF OVER 15 YEARS/HAS KNOWN ISSUES BUT NOT SURE HOW TO ASSIST: This information should be provided for older homes or homes with known issues related to the service. If you (admin on phone) are not sure if offering additional services is appropriate for the structure, use this basic script: -Based on some of your information, your lead inspector, Chad/Chessie/Andy, may suggest additional services. I'll send this information to them and have them review the property. If any additional services may be of particular benefit for this project, your inspector can discuss that with you directly. You can also get more information in regards to additional services at our website, SCRIPT IF HOME HAS MULTIPLE ISSUES AND/OR IS HUGE WITH VARIOUS INSPECTION NEEDS: -Based on your information, the size of the home, and the additional services you may need, I think the best value would be our All Points Inspection with Advanced System Analysis. This inspection typically runs at a flat rate of $1000 for residential and includes all additional systems and advanced services. Normally, when I book an Advanced Services inspection, Andy, our head inspector and owner of the company will perform the inspection himself. He can also adjust the services and pricing according to what works best for and provides the greatest value to you. Shall I book you? IF THE CLIENT IS CONCERNED ABOUT PRICE OR NOT WILLING TO BOOK FOR ANY OTHER REASON: Client: No. I'm not ready to book. I'll call back later. Admin: No problem. If you'd like, I can hold a spot until close of business today. We're tend to get booked fairly quickly. I can also send a note to Andy, the owner, and have him reach out directly. He's very knowledgeable and may be able to address any remaining questions or concerns better than I can. Would you like me to go ahead and place a temporary hold on an inspection slot or have Andy call you? IF HE/SHE STILL SAYS NO: Thank them for considering our company and let them know that were always available to them. ADMIN: Take note of any pertinent info and save for analytics (day and time/why they seemed unwilling to commit/how they found us/any contact info you have). All this info needs to be inserted into "weekly notes".

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