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Quickbooks Accounting Protocols: Below are the steps needed to ensure all payments are received in a timely manner. DURING/DIRECTLY AFTER JOB IS SCHEDULED: While on phone (or call if scheduled online per scheduling protocols) ask for a payment method. PREFERRED OPTION: Get cc# and run it while client is on phone. SECOND OPTION: Get cc# and hold until inspection completed. THIRD OPTION: Inspector runs cc (using Quickbooks cc reader/app) FOURTH OPTION: Send invoice with instruction that payment must be made on or before date of inspection. If client chooses this option, note what payment method they intend on using (check, cash or pay online at a future time). Note their intended payment and time. Ensure this goes in quickbooks and calendar. If the clients intend on mailing a check, a reminder needs to go in the calendar for the date the check should be received. NOTE - DEALING WITH CHECKS: Checks are the easiest way to cause accounting errors. It is of vital importance that the process of receiving to depositing a check be handled with care. Below are the protocols for addressing checks: Checks Being Mailed: Ensure the client has received the invoice with due date (2 weeks from day of inspection). Ensure the due date is marked on the calendar (admin places reminder on calendar to verify payment received by due date). Late payments should be address per protocols listed below. Checks Received At Inspection: Admin is to be immediately notified to verify that the check has been received (admin should have previously placed in inspector's calendar that client intended on paying with check). Inspector should text/call/email admin with check # and inspector's plan for deposit. Admin places that note in calendar. Inspectors can deposit/deliver checks in the following ways: -Drops Off Check at TAHI Office -Directly Deposits Check at any Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union All checks must be received/deposited within 2 days of the inspection date. A $10 late fee will be issues for each calendar day that a check is not received/deposited. DAY OF INSPECTION: Admin is required to check all jobs for that day and determine if payment has been made. If payment has not been received by day of, ensure inspector knows (place on calendar/text) that payment is still due out and what method/how the client has indicated they want to pay. If payment is remains outstanding by the day of inspection, admin should send a courtesy call confirming the inspection/asking if there is questions/concerns, and reminding of the the invoice. DAY AFTER THE INSPECTION OR DUE DATE FOR PAYMENT: If payment is remains outstanding by the day after the inspection, admin should send a courtesy call reminding of the the invoice with a very friendly note that non-payment could delay the delivery of the report. A call should then go to the representing agent to give an estimate of when the report will be ready to send and a very friendly note that non-payment could delay the delivery of the report. If report has already been sent (approved by lead inspector), courtesy calls should go out on the day before due date. Note any important info in calendar (example: payment reminder call 11/25/16 - they said they mailed check 3 days ago - need to check mail box) NOTE TO INSPECTORS: In an attempt to reduce late payments, reports should not go out prior to verification of payment accept for the following reasons: -Client has indicated that a check will be mailed and an extended invoice date is approved -Lead/Supervising inspector approves sending prior to payment and takes responsibility for any payment issues (i.e. its a good client/agent). Admin MUST be made aware if this is the case. -Unique circumstances must be approved by owner. DAY AFTER INSPECTION AND REPORT IS READY TO SEND: If the report is ready to send and payment has not been secured, the client and/or agent should be notified immediately. See script below: SCRIPT: Hi, this is Beth with The Austin Home Inspector. How are you? I'm reaching out to let you know that your inspection report is prepared and ready to send, however, I'm not seeing that payment has been received as of yet. I wanted to ensure there wasn't any issues or see if you'd like me to take payment over the phone right now. IF PAYMENT MADE OVER PHONE: Thank them, send receipt and report ASAP IF CLIENT WANTS TO DELAY PAYMENT: Let the client know that you need to get approval from the owner to send the report and call me. OTHER ISSUES/CONCERNS: Let the client know that you will look into it and/or have owner call. Admin should inform the owner ASAP. ANY PAYMENT ISSUES THAT IS NOT RESOLVED MORE THAN 2 DAYS AFTER INSPECTION: Hopefully, this issue will rarely happen (if above protocols are followed).

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