INFORMATION FOR THE BUYER'S/CLIENT'S AGENT -An invoice and inspection authorization agreement will be emailed to our client. For insurance purposes, the authorization agreement must be signed prior to our arrival and inspection. This agreement can be signed electronically. The invoice can be paid online anytime before or on the day of inspection. We also accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. -A typical inspection takes approximately 3.5-4 hours. We recommend that the agent/client arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the completion of the inspection. If you/your client can not attend, we are always available for phone/email consultations. Never hesitate to reach out to us. We are always available to our agents and clients. -An inspection report is typically delivered by close of business the following day. Some inspections and services may require additional time to prepare the report (multiple services requested, additional research needs, distressed structures, high volume season, etc.). -Additional services are available through our parent company, TAHI Services. These services include, but are not limited to: WDI Inspection and Termite Remediation, Plumbing Camera Analysis, Permit/Geological/Flood Zone research, Advanced HVAC Analysis (HVAC License #48637), Foundation Survey Drawings, and Option Period Cost Estimates. A full list and description of services can be found here.
-Ensure All Pertinent Contact Information is Provided: Agents, Clients, Additional Parties
-Ensure Access to the Property is Provided: Supra Box, Combo, Owner On Site
-Ensure Access to Mechanical/Structural Areas are Free of Blockage: Attics, Crawlspaces
-Ensure Any Special Instructions are Provided: Security Codes, Pets In House, Recent Updates
-Any Areas to Avoid: Example, 'Dishwasher Leaks. Please Do Not Run.'
-Raise Window Blinds if Possible: Reduces Likelihood of Blind Damage
-Remove Clutter if Possible: Improve Inspection Completion Time
-Leave Contact Info if Not Present: We Will Call/Text When Complete
-Feel Free to Contact Us with Questions/Concerns: We Are Always Willing to Assist to the Best of Our Ability

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