Name and Property: 1812 Rosser, Leander, TX Assessment Type: General Consultation - Site/Structure Walk Through Report Type: N/A - Field Notes Date: 2017SEP08 To Whom It May Concern: A site visit to the above mentioned property was made in order to provide a general assessment of the structure’s current condition and note any possible issues or concerns pertaining to structural components. Overall, the construction and material installation appeared to meet most general standards. Areas of concern or items which may require additional evaluation/information are noted below. Multiple limitations were present and additional issues, both minor and significant, may be not be documented in this report or discovered during the assessment of the structure. The assessment process is not designed to be intrusive, destructive, or all encompassing. This 3rd party assessment and report has been provided to the prospective buyer for the purposes of due diligence, filing of available information, and additional buyer protection. The assessment process and report do not, in any manner, represent a guarantee or warranty of the above mentioned property. Below is a limited list of information gathered at the time of assessment. This is not an official TREC report document and should not be used as such. NOTE: The items and areas of concern listed below only pertain to structural components of the building. Additional update and repair recommendations pertaining to non-structural items should be noted and addressed prior to project completion (during a final inspection). FOUNDATION FOUNDATION - GENERAL CONCLUSIONS AND NOTES: Most visible portions of the foundation appeared to be in good condition and properly installed. Isolated areas of concern were noted. Requesting additional information and/or investigation at the isolated areas noted below is recommended. FOUNDATION - ISOLATED PORTION OF SLAB REMOVED/PATCHED: A section of slab wall was removed at the back left corner of the foundation. It appears that that removal of the concrete was required to install additional plumbing. The approximate dimensions of the concrete patch was 14x12’’. Consulting with project supervisors and requesting additional information and repair documentation (where applicable) is recommended. If additional plumbing features were installed after system testing occurred (static and pressure - leak tests) it is recommended that additional plumbing testing take place. FOUNDATION - SLAB WALL INCONSISTENCY/FLAW: A section of the foundation wall located at the back left slab wall appeared to be flawed (concrete/aggregate weak and fallen away). The area of concern was located at soil grade level (appx. 3’ linear visible). During the assessment, several inches of surrounding soil was removed. No concrete grade beam was discovered at the area of removed soil. It is recommended that additional soil be removed in this area to ensure the noted flaw is isolated and not significantly affecting the overall strength of the foundation material. COMMON RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCERNS: Areas of common flaws, adjustment needs, and/or general concern were discovered during the limited assessment. Ensure all recommendations and concerns are professionally addressed as needed and per the builder/buyer agreement. Areas of concern noted at the time of inspection include, but are not limited to: -Remove All Nails at Slab Wall Prior to Parging: Various Areas -Remove All Form Board Material Prior to Landscaping/Sodding: Right Wall/Various Areas -Seal Gap at Slab/Brick Connection: Left Side Back Porch ROOF AND ATTIC ROOF/ATTIC - GENERAL CONCLUSIONS AND NOTES: A full assessment of the roofing material did not occur (recommended for final inspection). Information gathered from clients/agents indicate a roof leak was after drywall installation occurred. Consulting with construction supervisors and requesting repair/replacement information and documentation is recommended. Addition assessment at affected areas (moisture testing/investigation for possible organic growth) should occur prior to project completion. At the time of assessment, no obvious visual evidence of material damage due to moisture intrusion was discovered. Sections of drywall at the garage ceiling had been removed (2 squares appx. 16x16’’ removed). EXTERIOR WALLS AND MATERIAL FEATURES WALLS AND FEATURES - GENERAL CONCLUSIONS AND NOTES: A full assessment of the exterior walls did not occur. Various areas of incomplete work was noted. Further assessment should take place prior to project completion (recommended for final inspection). Areas of concern noted during partial assessment include, but are not limited to: -Seal Masonry Gap at Back Porch: Brick/Slab Connection -Seal Gap at Cement Board Siding Trim: Upper Trim Back Porch (Near Cedar Beam) -Improve Beam Securing at Back Porch: Recommend Cedar Beam Lag Screws, Beam Straps, or Similar -Address Junction Box Issue at Right Exterior Wall: Box Loose at Wire, No Gap at Brick to Insert Box -Address Removed Brick at Back Porch: Additional Plumbing Installed After Masonry Work Complete -Ensure All Caulking/Seal Occurs as Needed: Assess at Final Inspection -Ensure All Finish Work Occurs as Needed: Assess at Final Inspection INTERIOR WALLS AND MATERIAL FEATURES WALLS AND FEATURES - GENERAL CONCLUSIONS AND NOTES: A full assessment of the interior walls did not occur. Various areas of incomplete work and material in need of update/repair were noted. Further assessment should take place prior to project completion (recommended for final inspection). LASER LEVEL TESTING - MEETS GENERAL STANDARDS: Various interior wall corners, connections, and areas of flooring were selected at random and tested to determine if the material was within general standards for plumb and level (standard framing levels, squares, and/or laser levels utilized). Areas assessed met general standards. Any tested area that was slightly out of plumb/level appeared to be isolated and not affecting the overall quality of the framing as a whole. No visible evidence of significant framing errors/damage was discovered during the general inspection process. PROJECT IN PERSPECTIVE - CONSTRUCTION MEETS GENERAL STANDARDS In this inspector's professional opinion, information gathered during a limited site assessment indicates that the building under construction meets most or all general standards. The updates, adjustments, improvements, and recommendations for further evaluation listed in this report are common for a building in this stage of construction. Ensure all recommendations are addressed as needed and a final inspection occurs prior to project completion.













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