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All Points Property Inspection

An examination of the structure and all its major systems.

A TAHI inspection is a 600+ point, comprehensive examination of the structure and all systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.

WDI Termite Inspection

A WDI (wood destroying insect) inspection is a thorough inspection for current or previous activity of all wood destroying insects common to our area. Remediation available for discovered issues. All cleared reports (no issues/concerns discovered) and remediation work includes a 1-year limited treatment warranty.

Termite Remediation and Treatments

Termite treatments and remediation using top rated industry products and methods (Through TAHI Services). All treatments include a 1-year limited warranty. Cleared reports for VA/FHA loans available with agreement to treat (treatment needs and scheduling will not delay loan approval). Discounts available for previous and current clients.

Phase Inspection

A phase inspection is a three pronged assessment of a property beginning at the pouring of a structure’s foundation and finalizing with a full inspection at the completion of the building project:

Phase #1 (foundation assessment) is a full evaluation of the foundation to include: form build for proper construction, support and levelness. At this phase, we also inspect the plumbing which will enter the slab, moisture barriers, type of foundation and supports (rebar and stress cables). If possible, we will attend the pour and at phase 2, we will check the levelness of the foundation with equipment designed for this type of survey.

Phase #2 (pre-drywall inspection) will take place before drywall and insulation is installed. Often, if the foundation has already been poured, this will serve as the first inspection of the property. Assessing the home at this stage allows us to see aspects of the project that will soon be covered by finish material. Installed plumbing, electrical, framing, roofing, and foundation are inspected at this point.

Phase #3 (final inspection), a final inspection will take place. This inspection addresses the entire, completed house and ensures your home is move-in ready. All systems are assessed and areas of minor flaws and cosmetic issues are noted.

Warranty Inspection

The purpose of a warranty inspection is to find any problems to a home before the builders home warranty expires.

Commercial Inspection

A commercial inspection evaluates the structure and all major systems of the commercial property.

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Seller's Pre-inspection

A Seller’s Pre-Inspection is designed for the seller and the seller’s real estate agent. This allows you as the seller to see areas of concern and address them before placing your property on the real estate market. This option includes a full TREC inspection report (same report a potential buyer will receive).

Seller's Pre-Market Consultation

A Seller’s Pre-Market Consultation is designed to provide sellers and their agents with a Property Market Prep Plan. These plans offer suggestions for adjusting, updating, or improving the structure prior to listing. The goal of a Pre-Market Consultation is to eliminate concerns of potential buyers, improve the outcome of the buyer’s inspection report, and reduce buyer’s negotiation leverage during the sales  process. By pointing out simple update needs and potential issues/concerns, our listing clients can address, disclose, and/or prepare as needed.

All Points Property Inspection - Condo Unit

An examination of the condominium/apartment and all its major systems.
A comprehensive examination of the unit and all available systems.

Short Term Rental Inpsections

An examination of a property pending city approval for short term rental use (AirBnB, HomeAway, etc.). Inspection includes all paperwork required by the jurisdiction with authority.

Sprinkler Inspection

A detailed inspection of the sprinkler system which includes any defects, breaks and location of all stations can be preformed by a licensed inspector.

Pool and Spa Inspection

Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool.

Septic Inspection

A functional flow test of the septic system is available. In this inspection, 200 gallons of water is pumped through the system to assess functionality. More detailed tests can be ordered if necessary.

Investigation of Building Concerns

An examination of a property/structure to investigate any areas of concern to include, possible leaks, foundation issues, improper workmanship, structural issues, general client/owner concerns, health concerns, possible hazards.

Geological/Permit/Floorplan Research

Research is conducted to determine the surrounding soil type and potential impact it may have on the structure. Available permit data is checked to determine if improperly finalized jurisdictional permits and/or non-permitted updates  are present. Finally, local and FEMA flood plain maps are researched to determine if the property is currently in or near designated flood areas.

Option Period Estimates

Repair and improvement costs are calculated using industry standard pricing models, estimation software, professional experience and knowledge, consultations with subject matter experts, and proprietary processes to deliver general price estimates within a sales transaction option period. Limitations apply. Actual repair costs may vary widely based on multiple factors to include: services company, scope of work, materials/method of improvement, industry conditions, and various additional factors.

Repair / Remodel Solutions

TAHI can oversee and re-inspect any repairs or remodel projects that our clients may need.

Drone Flight Investigation and Footage

TAHI can deploy professional grade drones and high definition cameras to investigate inaccessible portions of a structure/property or to provide marketing photos/videos. Edited and raw footage available in various file formats.

Investment Property Inspection

Assessment of a potential investment property in order to consult and provide a report to assist in budget/project planning.

Fee Structure

  • All Points Inspection $550.00
  • New Construction Pre‐pour $250.00
  • New Construction Framing $450.00
  • New Construction Final $550.00
  • Condo Inspection $425.00
  • One Year Warranty $500.00
  • Investment/Limited Scope $400.00
  • Pre‐Listing/Sellers Consultation $500.00
  • Stand Alone Plumbing Camera $275.00
  • Stand Alone Structural Assessment / Foundation Mapping $275.00
  • Stand Alone WDI/Wood Destroying Insect Report $195.00
  • Re-Inspection $195.00 (Billed Hourly Consulting Rate After 1 Hour)

Services Add‐ons

  • WDI (Free for Veterans) $95.00
  • Shower Pan (Per Pan) $50.00
  • Plumbing Camera $220.00
  • Full Zone By Zone Irrigation Test and Mapping* $100.00
  • Advanced Thermal Assessment and Moisture Mapping $100.00
  • Limited Septic/OSSF Assessment $150.00
  • Pool/Spa Assessment $150.00
  • HVAC Advanced $200.00
  • Mold Assessment* $500.00

Size and Structure Add‐ons

  • Structure 3001-3500 sq ft $50.00
  • Structure 3501-4000 sq ft $75.00
  • Structure 4001-4500 sq ft $100.00
  • Structure 4501-5000 sq ft** $150.00
  • Condo 1001‐1500 sq ft $50.00
  • Condo 1501‐2000 sq ft $100.00
  • Duplex $185.00
  • Fourplex $300.00
  • Additional Structure (Studio, detached garage, etc) $100.00
  • Additional Structure (Guest house) $150.00

Consulting services billed at $200.00/hr

*May vary for additional square footage
**Contact us for bid on properties over 5000 sq ft

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